Awesome Ideas to Make your Wedding Reception Memorable

    One of the most significant events that can happen in our lives are our wedding; it is the day where we entwine ourselves with our partners. As much as possible, we want to make it very memorable for us and the attendants of the ceremony. 

     While we certainly have to invest money in making the event excellent, we don’t have to lose all our savings though; we only have to be creative and make the right choices. To help you in this very important task, here is a list of awesome ideas to make your wedding reception memorable. 

Wedding Reception

  1. Sensible Seating Arrangement

Your wedding reception is a gathering of all the people that have helped you become the person or the couple today; these are your friends, family, and relatives. During the ceremony, you want all of them to be lively and having fun, and they will only do so if they are able to relate to the person that is beside them or the people at their table.  

Put attention and much consideration on the seating arrangement, so each table would be lively and would cheer for both the bride and the groom. They would be more open with each other and expect a spectacular dancing and singing later on the events.  

  1. Hire a Photo Booth

One way to surely make your wedding memorable is by hiring a photo booth; nothing beats a picture on storing up memories. Make sure to include this in your wedding reception; you want to preserve this day of your life as much as possible because one day when you are older, these pictures would be there to remind you of how awesome your wedding day went. Hire Portland Photo Booth to do this job. 

  1. Give Wedding Remembrances

Aside from picture, you also want to give away remembrances, a tangible thing that your guests can bring home to commemorate your wedding. This not need be expensive giveaways, it only needs to be uniquely yours, things that would remind them of the both of the bride and the groom. Examples of these giveaways are small figurines or replicas of small glasses that bear the initials of the couple. 

  1. Consider the Kids

Kids are always present at weddings, majority of the guests that are parents bring would most likely bring their kids at the event. You need to put considerations on the needs of the little children because if they are left bored, they have the tendency to rush their parents on leaving the party early.  

To solve this, designate an area for kids, a sort of a room that contains entertainment. In this room, you can stream movies for them, put a lot of toys, or convert it into their own dance floor. When the kids are having fun, parents would also have an unhampered fun talking to each other and dancing on the floor. 

    I hope you found this article informative and fun, good luck and enjoy your wedding day! 

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