How to Remove Stubborn Stains from Your Carpet

Carpets are beautiful flooring options but they can be a nightmare to clean. You will encounter things spilling on your carpet every so often. When that happens, do you know what to do? The things that commonly stain carpets are wine, blood, and chocolate. Do you know how to handle each of them?

The problem with carpet is that spots have to be attended to immediately so they won’t leave a permanent stain. But then, the treatment of each stain is different. You can’t remove chocolate from your carpet the same way you remove red wine. Every stain requires a different removal technique and that frustrates most homeowners.

Dealing with the Most Common Carpet Stains

To make it easier for you to deal with carpet stains, below are some tips that you can use. Listed below are some of the most common stains that you’ll encounter every day.

1. Red wine, coffee, and fruit juices

Stains from these beverages are quite difficult to handle as they are acidic. If any of them spilled on the carpet, pour water over the area and blot it up using a clean cloth. Be careful not to rub the stain. If you still see stain after the carpet has dried, make a baking soda paste by adding cold water into it. Then apply it to the area.

2. Candlewax

Candlewax can be very slippery and oily. They also tend to work its way into the fibers of the carpet. When hot candlewax is spilled, use an ice pack to free it up. The wax will clump together once it’s frozen and it becomes easier to pick out.

3. Motor oil

Motor oil is the worse type of oil to spill on your carpet. If it does happen, the first thing you should do is to blot it out as much as you can. Apply a generous amount of non-moisturized shaving cream on the stained area and brush it thoroughly. If the oil fails to come out, then it is time to call the expert carpet cleaners Chattanooga TN.

4. Grease and other types of oils

For all other types of oil, blot it away using the paper towel. Sprinkle baking soda or salt on the stain and let it stand overnight. Use the vacuum cleaner over the area to remove the baking soda or salt. If the stain is still evident, call the professional cleaners.

5. Blood

Blood is organic and thick, thus staining the carpet quite easily. Use a spoon or clean cloth to remove blood from the carpet. Find an enzyme-based cleaning solution or laundry detergent on the area. In case the blood has already dried out, you may use hydrogen peroxide sparingly. Be careful when using it as it may cause discoloration on the unaffected parts.

6. Urine

If you have pets around the house, then this is going to be a problem for you. Put a paper towel over the area to absorb as much of it as possible. Mix equal parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle and use it on the carpet. Use a non-bleach detergent mixed with 32 oz. water to wash the area. Rise and blot until dry.

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